MasterBuilder is an open-world VR sandbox build 'n' smash experience for all ages.

Become the Master

To become MasterBuilder you need to acquire all the master artifacts that you find in the world. Build anything your imagination can produce and reach new heights. It allows creative thinking, exploration, adventure, and good exercise since it utilizes most of VRs physical capabilities. Artifacts allow you to gather resources, craft blocks, and helpful objects. Have fun smashing, flying, teleporting, and easy building with a master wand and other artifacts.


New terraforming update is out !

Where to buy?

Oculus AppLab


Brand new system


Building: Procedural world creation, terraforming, and building system allow players to use resources and special tools to create endlessly.

Smashing: Special system that allows players to fully enjoy the physics of smashing in an entertaining experience with no limits in damages.

Adventuring: Customize your avatar, explore the worlds, find all the artifacts, climb, fly, teleport, and more to ultimately become the MasterBuilder.

Only physical world-building and terrafomrming on mobile VR.

Appropriate for all ages.



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